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Order & Payments


How do I place my order?
You choose the product(s) you wish to purchase, select their appropriate options and “add to cart”. Form there you can use the “checkout” option to be direct to the payment screen where you can complete the process.


How do I know if you have received my order?
Once the transaction completes, an automated email containing your order number (Order ID) will be sent to you, it will contain information about the product(s) you have purchased and your time/date of successful transaction.


Is the email I receive classified as my invoice?
No, the automated email you received is purely an order confirmation. Your invoice will be enclosed with your parcel in the shipment.


Where does my order get sent from?
All orders placed on our website () will be fulfilled by TaylorMade Golf's official Distributor,  MST Golf Sdn Bhd 198901011987 (189294-P) from their warehouse perfectly positioned at MST Golf Plaza in Subang Jaya.


How long does my order take to ship?
Typically orders will ship in 2-3 working days based on availability of the product(s) and the volume of orders our team is handling at the time of your order.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Based on your location your order should reach you as stipulated in the guidelines below:

  • Estimated shipping time to West Malaysia: 3 - 5 Working Day

  • Estimated shipping times to East Malaysia: 5 - 7 Working Days


How will I know when it ships so I can arrange for someone to be available to receive it?
Upon completion of your order and it becomes ready to ship, you will be sent another automated email indicating the parcel will be on its way to you shortly.


Can I ship to my office or only my house?
You can choose any delivery address you wish provided there is someone there during office hours to receive the parcel.


Do you deliver on weekends or public holidays?
No unfortunately we do not, our deliveries will only take place on weekdays and in office hours 8 AM and 5 PM. For more information please Click Here to view our Shipping & Delivery page.


I have made an error in my order how do I correct it?
Please contact us by clicking here. ASAP so we can make the correction before the order is shipped. Once it is shipped you will be held liable for any additional charges arising from shipping and delivery costs.




What type of payments do you accept?
Currently we only accept one form of payment in the form of a credit/debit card transaction via the payment process during checkout.


What is a payment gateway?
Traditionally a payment gateway would serve as a 3rd party between a website and the bank. The gateway would do all communications and verify or decline the transaction with the bank before sending us the information.


Do you use a Payment Gateway?
We are proud to say no, to speed up the process and ensure a smooth checkout process we have formed a collaboration with Maybank. By doing this communications do not have to pass through a 3rd party vendor and allows our website to communicate directly with the bank to verify or decline transactions.


Is my transaction safe when I shop with you?
For security purposes we utilize a system directly plugged into Maybank. This process makes sure that all transactions take place off our servers and is secured through SSL and behind Maybank’s Firewall on their servers.


Are there any traces of my credit card details in your website?
No. Our website does not capture any credit card details as the transaction is done on our behalf from Maybank’s side, we only receives communications in regards to the success or failure of such a transaction.


Please Note: A transaction is only deemed valid or successful once we receive confirmation from Maybank indicating your order number, a successful status and containing a timestamp for the transaction. A “reserved” amount on your credit card does not indicate a successful payment.

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